Tour of my Woodworking shop

Tour of my Woodworking shop


Thanks for checking out my woodworking shop. I am almost done finishing the the wiring needed to get my shop going. the main thing I need to do is build a 20hp phase convertor.

list of stuff in my shop:
Sawstop table saw
oliver 12′ jointer
rockwell 24″ planer
16′ dewalt radial arm saw
powermatic mortise machine
powermatic tenon machine
unique pocket hole mahine
delta bandsaws
parts cabinets
compter desk
messy stuff

4 thoughts on “Tour of my Woodworking shop”

  1. I just stole a small box of ideas from this video! Thank You sir.This subject really is THE most important subject for creative people. Seriously. We creative types incorrectly think this subject is about our talent/skill level; how well we can write, act, draw, paint…whatever. Anyway, thanks for the video.i am new on your from Balochistan…you deserve more subscribers

  2. we have one of the 16" dewalt saws like your and we use a steel cable with a weight on the end running through a pulley to counter act the pull of the blade an it works well

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