Tablesaw Crosscut Sled – Seewhatisaw Woodworking

Tablesaw Crosscut Sled – Seewhatisaw Woodworking


Custom table saw sled with Incra miter slide bars and Kreg precision trac and stop kit

4 thoughts on “Tablesaw Crosscut Sled – Seewhatisaw Woodworking”

  1. hey shannon – thanks for the video — I just got some of those incra slides today with the intent of building a sled but I'm confused as to how to accurately drill the holes to attach the slides to the bottom of the sled… did you just drill up through the holes from the bottom then feed the screw down from the top? how did you find the right position for the holes to adjust the play? thanks again for the vid

  2. Very Nice Design!  The Incra miter bars you used…these are different than the Incra Miter Sliders they now offer that appears to be a channel shaped miter bar.  What was the model number of the Incra Miter bars you used?Thank  you,Eric

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